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Congratulations on making it to the Championship Round!!

On behalf of the Golden Sierra Jr. Grizzlies, we welcome you to the “Grizzly Dome”. We are very excited to host your Championship game this Saturday and we wish all of our Division 6 families the best of luck. This Invitation will provide you with the following information and logistics: admission, game time, warm-ups, snack bar, directions, and other important rules and information. Please share the following information with your parents.  If you have any questions or need to contact someone during the game, please contact a uniformed board member or you may contact our President, Marc Arnold, at (530) 906-1663 or Jessie Anderson, at (916) 549-2086.

We are now accepting Credit Card payments at the gate and our snack bar. There will be a $.50 surcharge added to the charge for the use of the card per transaction.

Admission: The gate will open at 8:30am. Our gate fees are established by SYF and are as follows:

·         Children 2 and under are free

·         Senior citizens: $3.00

·         Children ages 3-11: $4.00

·         12 & Up: $6.00

• Badged SYF Executive Board, Committee, Coach, Instructors, and participants are free (must be in uniform) –if a member does not present a badge, they will be asked to pay, and they can be reimbursed by their own organization.

• All Firefighter/Paramedics, Military, and law enforcement enter our dome free of charge with presentation of their work ID. The Jr. Grizzlies thank you for your service!

Other stadium rules:

• Smoking is not allowed on campus. Alcohol is strictly prohibited.

• No pets, skateboards, bicycles, or scooters are allowed in the stadium. Companion or Service dogs must be clearly marked and have official tag on collar and associated paperwork…if you do not have these items your animal cannot be on school grounds

• No outside food or drink will be allowed in the stadium, including ice chests. One team ice chest will be allowed for the players. This ice chest must be clearly identified and possess only drinks and/or a light snack for half time. A badged board member or badged coach must accompany the ice chest upon entrance. No exceptions.

• We allow re-entry to those individuals that have their hand stamped or have their badge as stated above.

• The Upper parking lot by the field will only be used for Handicap parking. You can drop off players and return your vehicle to the lower parking lot by the entrance of the school property. If you require special assistance please contact your nearest Jr Grizzly representative and we will attempt to make all accommodations for the enjoyment of your families.

Warm ups for players will be held at the lower field on the opposite side of the campus. We will have player/team representatives available to escort you to your practice locations and ensure you are escorted back to the stadium field prior to the 4th QTR of the preceding game. If at any time you need assistance, please locate your nearest Jr Grizzly volunteer and we will take care of your location and entrance needs.

Game Times will follow season cadence:

8U: 10:00am      Away: Golden Sierra                              Home: River City

10U: 12:00am    Away: River City                                     Home: Bella Vista

12U: 2:00pm      Away: Bella Vista                                    Home: River City

14U: 4:00pm      Away: Union Mine                                 Home: East Nicholas

Away team is responsible for Chains and Home teams are in charge of the booth. If there are any conflicts, please advise asap so that we can make arrangements to ensure a fun, safe, and worry free day.

On the Field: The Jr. Grizzlies will provide water jugs for the teams and will replenish them throughout the day. Please provide your own water bottles to fill up for your players. We would like to request that your coaches help clean up the sidelines, so it is ready for the next team. We would also like to request that your parents help us to pick up their stands when their game is over.

Only SYF Badged Personnel are allowed on the field of play. We will have visual reminders and barrier set up to ensure player and fan separation. Please police your families and ensure there are no unauthorized personnel on the field. As you my already know, Golden Sierra is a very “open” stadium with very little fencing and physical separation from fan and player. So please ensure your families are following the visual reminders and stay off the field of play

Snack Bar: The Jr. Grizzlies will have a full snack bar. Make sure to try a Grizzly Challenge offered exclusively at the Grizzly Dome. Credit Card transactions are available and will be charged $.50 per transaction to cover bank fees.

Visitor seating is limited so feel free to bring chairs and a pop up to set up on the track in front of and to the sides of the visitor benches. We will have an area roped off for your cheerleaders, so be sure to respect that zone for their enjoyment and use.

Please also try to police your folks as best as possible. We often have families trying to sneak in through the upper basketball courts and hate having those confrontations with our visitors. Please come through the main entrance of the field so we can avoid any uncomfortable confrontations.

For GPS Directions:

Golden Sierra High School

5101 Garden Valley Rd.

Garden Valley, Ca 95633

Trophy presentations will occur after the end of each level and be held at the end of the field. Please have both teams join us immediately after your game for the presentation of trophies sponsored by Wilson Trophy.

                        Volunteer Opportunity  Championship Game.                                        



Grizzlies help keep the field clean before you leave practice pick up all your TRASH! 


Check out this article on why football matters by John Harbaugh:

  • All coaches are strongly encouraged to take the concussion training and certification course this upcoming season. Please find information here:


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